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The New Way to
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Member Care & Support

We show nothing but love for our members and our staff. If your looking for a 2nd home and a place to be yourself then Alleysway is for you.

Suitable Membership Options

Alleysway has flexible membership options suited for your specific needs. No Hassles.

Alleysway Team

Become a member of the Alleysway Team. You wont just be another member. there is nothing else like it.

Achieve Your Goals

Finally achieve the shape, look, fitness level and healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of having.

World Class Staff

Alleysway Staff is comprised from world class Athletes, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Message Therapists and more.

Not Just a Gym

We have a Tattoo Parlor, Pilates Studios, Coffee Shop and Doctors Offices on our premises, not to mention the supplement store coming soon!
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Who We Are

Alleysway is not just a gym, its a family. Located in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. It has become a second home to the members and staff who frequent and work there. From humble beginnings Vic and Irene Alley who are both competitive and professional athletes and coaches wanted to provide an environment in which to work, train and share their extensive knowledge and expertise with people.

Supplement Store